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WebCheck is a simple device (computer server or workstation) status checking over HTTP protocol. This is very useful to keep track the health of of a multiple servers or workstation from remote location. The monitored device does not need to have a public IP or to have ICMP echo enabled.

The device to be monitored must be able to access WebCheck server on the Internet over HTTP port. WebCheck Server is a web server with server side-script pages. The monitored device has to hit thescript page periodically. This can be done by launching a normal web browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator as long as the browser is able to do auto refresh. Everytime the browser refresh/hit the page, WebCheck server will record the device ID and the hit time. This diagram and this illustration shows how it works.

Another alternative for machines without web browser is by running a script in the monitored device periodically (might be using cron job) to fetch the remote page on the WebCheck server. The WebCheck server will consider that a device is not functional if there is no hit by the monitored device after certain elapsed time.

Help needed!

This is an open source project hosted by Source Forge, we welcome any contributor to help us developing WEBCHECK. Currently we need some Visual Basic or Java programmers to write client side programs. Come and join us at WEBCHECK Project @ Source Forge, e-mail: The Project Administrator for more info.

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